What is Gammo?

Gammo is a social media marketing growth service that helps you rapidly create, build and nurture connections with your ideal audience.

Gammo has successfully been running 24/7 for three years for a select group of private clients, remaining within publicly documented rate limit specifications. In 2017, Gammo made its services available to everyone.

How does Gammo work?

After you select your monthly subscription plan (Gammo Personal or Gammo Business), the Gammo algorithm finds users that are likely to engage with your content based on the hashtags you select. Then, Gammo automatically interacts with users across social media, generating new, real followers for you, without following other users.

How do I create a new account with Gammo?

  1. Select the monthly subscription that is best suited for you (Gammo Personal or Gammo Business).
  2. Fill out checkout details - be sure to include your account info and social preferences, so we can tailor the Gammo algorithm to your needs.
  3. Take the following verification steps in order to grant Gammo access.
    • If you receive a text with a verification code, we'll need you to email the code to support@gammo.io with your account handle as the subject of the e-mail.
    • If you receive a verification link by email, we'll need you to forward the link to support@gammo.io.

Which Gammo subscription is best for me?

We currently offer two subscription types - Gammo Personal and Gammo Business.

Gammo Personal was designed specifically for bloggers, creatives, influencers, musicians, and tastemakers alike. With Gammo Personal, you can instantly create connections with targeted users, increase your followers and ultimately grow your brand.

Gammo Business was designed specifically for agencies, associations, brand names, local businesses, and organizations. With Gammo Business, you can create new connections, cultivate relationships with existing followers, build loyalty, grow your brand and maximize the volume of your social engagements.

I haven't seen any new user growth on my social media account(s). Why?

We do our best to generate quality followers for your account by interacting with your target audience, however, the number of followers your account acquires could depend on the quality of your content. Therefore, we do not guarantee any amount of new followers for your account from using Gammo.

Other social media automation services have gone out of business; how do I know Gammo won't?

Other social media automation services are typically asked by social media channels to shut down their services because their activities are disingenuous, decreasing the quality of the social network (ex. services that help users accumulate bots, or followers that aren't authentic).

Gammo cannot guarantee that our service won't be asked to shut down; however, we consistently seek to provide a service that allows you and your ideal audience to genuinely interact, generating new and real social engagements.

This service was created to help our customers broaden their exposure, take a big step forward to creating new social relationships, and ultimately grow their brand.

How does Gammo comply with social network policies?

Social networks have API endpoint rate limits. For instance, Instagram publicly advertises that their API endpoint rate limit is 60 likes per hour. Gammo does not exceed this limit. 
Furthermore, there are automatic throttling mechanisms in place on servers that belong to the social network. If issue codes are communicated, Gammo complies by discontinuing until a successful status code can be achieved. All likes performed by Gammo are accompanied by "success" status from the server, indicating that the engagement operation has been acknowledged and accepted and that it was within the bounds of their documented restrictions. 
If Gammo remains within the maximum likes per day limit, there is little if any distinction between using the ingenuity required to automatically like photos or manually liking the maximum number of photos per day.

How do I delete my account/subscription with Gammo?

Please contact us to request a cancellation of services on your account.